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Cottage History – Part I

Ruthie's This is the first in a series of posts about the history of our cottages. To start, I chose the first two waterfront cottages, “Al’s” and “Ruthie’s” which are named after the second owners of Nick’s Cove: Al and Ruth Gibson.

The Gibsons purchased Nick’s Cove in 1973 and although they operated the business mostly the same as it had been for the first 40 years, the couple did make a few changes: they remodeled the restaurant to give it a more nautical theme and they began renting the cottages on a nightly basis rather than month-to-month as had been the practice of the original owners. 

After Al passed away, Ruthie continued to operate the business on her own and encouraged her friends and family to come live with her and help her run the property.  It was even said that, for a time, while she was alone, she occupied a different cottage each night in an effort to thwart off crime.  Ruthie continued to operate the restaurant into the 1990’s; however, started shortening the restaurant hours more and more until it eventually closed.  The cottages remained available for lodging until 1999 when an upgrade to the septic system proved too costly and she sold the property and the business to Pat Kuleto and Mark Franz.

Ruthie’s Cottage is ADA compliant and both are pet friendly. Like all of our waterfront cottages, they boast large decks that overlook Tomales Bay.   Each cottage is furnished with a king bed and a pull out sleeper sofa.


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Fresh From the Croft

beet tartare and chips 5.2015 1As a chef, the most important thing to me is finding high quality ingredients.  That’s why I can say I’m truly lucky to work across the street from our own 2+ acre croft.  Our farmer, Lucas Shapiro, is in full swing up there, and we, in the restaurant, are really reaping the rewards of his hard work.  Last week we made a nice little Beet “Tartare” using beets and beet chips in the vein of a classic Beef Tartare.

Needless to say, it was a success: we sold out of all the beets (there were a lot!) before the night was over.

Come to Nick’s and see what we’re whipping up from our croft. You can even take a stroll up the hill to meet Lucas, our chickens and see our beautiful produce.



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Sailing on Tomales Bay

tomcat-elephant-mountainOn an overcast afternoon a few members of the Nick’s Cove Crew and I had the opportunity to experience Tomales Bay … on Tomales! The four of us boarded a sweet 32′ catamaran, ready and waiting with a gorgeous platter of locally produced artisan cheeses and a small glass of bubbles to toast our new partnership with Captain Brett  Miller and Tomales Bay Sailing. What better way to describe to our guests what they can expect on one of Brett’s tours than to experience it ourselves?

We sailed for about an hour; we saw oyster beds, the east side of Hog Island, While Gulch, Marshall Beach and a few seals swimming playfully next to us. Having grown up in West Marin, Brett brings a wealth of knowledge of the Tomales Bay area and his twenty-plus-year-long passion for sailing.

If you are looking for something fun to do on your next trip to Nick’s Cove, call our lodging office to reserve a spot on Brett’s boat … you will have an amazing experience on Tomales Bay!



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Happy New Year

2014 has been an exciting and dramatic year at Nick’s Cove. We started the year (and sadly endured many months) with a drought; however, joyfully, we ended the year with much-needed rains … we opened our two acre on-site garden, aptly named the Croft, complete with an apiary and bocce ball courts (which is technically more the size of petanque) … we added many hens who are now really not hens … we added exciting, adventurous kayaking, sailing and boating adventures to our offerings … we said goodbye to some of our staff and hello to many new faces, ready to make our guests feel welcome … sunset at nicksand witnessed some of the most amazing sunsets we have ever seen! And through it all we have been here to welcome the thousands and thousands of people who stop in and enjoy this little slice of heaven with us.

Our Nick’s Cove Crew attended and supported numerous fundraising events, from helping prevent childhood hunger in America (global) to supporting our Point Reyes National Seashore (local). We support our local schools and boys and girls clubs, doing our part to create a healthy and thriving community.

2014 kept us very busy for which we are thankful. There were not very many blog posts in 2014; however, for 2015 we have committed to share our experiences with you … to connect you in some way to what goes on here and what you can expect to experience when you visit.

We are grateful for all that West Marin has to offer, for the pristine waters of Tomales Bay, the amazing bounty grown in our garden, and our guests who make all our hard work worth it.

My wishes to you for a healthy and prosperous year filled with laughter, love and kindness.



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Breaking Bread with Della Fattoria

“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” James Beard.

Just the thought of bread baking in the oven evokes a sense of awe for me … most specifically because I cannot, for the life of me, bake bread successfully! I have tried … trust me. I don’t understand yeast; my hands mute to the texture of perfectly kneaded bread.

This past Friday, however, I was given the gift of bread in the form of a private tour of the Della Fattoria farm where all that amazingly delicious bread is made. photo 1Owners Ed and Kathleen Weber were gracious enough to invite me into their operations for an up-close experience with one of my all-time favorites: Rosemary Meyer Lemon. It was quite the process … one woman quickly and accurately measured the beautifully risen dough and tossed it onto the stainless steel kneading table, while the other skillfully and expertly (and quickly) shaped. Like watching a tennis match, it was literally a race to keep up with the each other!

After all the dough was measured, shaped and rested, they made a dimple in the top of each loaf and filled it with the rosemary lemon “pesto”. What began next was pure poetry in motion: the incorporation of the mixture into the top layer of the dough – a secret technique – that ultimately results in a beautiful, crusty, tasty top … each and every time!

Each perfectly created loaf was tossed into their personal baking basket and sat, waiting for their final creation in the oven.

Della Fattoria sells their award winning bread in stores throughout Sonoma County and beyond, has their own bakery/café in downtown Petaluma and, during the summer, offers farm-to-table dinners … at the farm. I am a Della Fattoria fan for sure … and I am convinced you will be too!


For the full version of the story, visit my blog –

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Cozy Warm for Winter

fireside hot appleThe holidays are fast approaching, the temperatures are dropping, and my mind is turning to the things that keep me toasty! The season has me craving rich food, velvety wines, blazing fires and hot cocktails. My new favorite drink to stave off the shivers is our “Hot Spiced Apple”. Our expert bartenders combine delicious steamed apple cider and a healthy pour of Blackwell Dark Rum. Then, we add our hand-crafted Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout Syrup to give it a rich spice that tastes like Christmas. Topped off with fresh whipped cream and a cinnamon stick, the Hot Spiced Apple is a lovely way to heat up from the inside out!

Now, when I feel that cold breeze whip at my cheeks, I picture strolling down our pier, taking in the most beautiful sunset, hot mug in hand, as I amble towards the Boat Shack and the roaring fire within. We also have old favorites, like Irish Coffees and Hot Toddys. So, next time you feel a chill, come by and let us show you why Nick’s Cove is the perfect spot to warm you up!



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DiBufula Dairy – Gelato West Marin Style

Several weeks ago our Executive Chef walked into my office and said, “I have a surprise for you,” and he plopped down a few cartons of what looked like ice cream and a bunch of spoons. What I tasted, however, was most definitely NOT ice cream, instead it was this creamy, rich, delicious, decadent, flavorful, satisfying cold gelato – from buffalo milk –  that is, water buffalo! I was hooked … and intrigued!

Another surprise – Chef set up a field trip for all our staff to tour the Di Bufula Dairy which is located at what used to be the St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Center, just down the road in Valley Ford. It is there, on this beautiful piece of property with state of the art equipment, that owner, Andrew Zlot, and his team make this creamy concoction that will, for sure, be the next foodie desire!

Our crew arrived around 10 a.m. and were met by Andrew, Curtis and Melissa who graciously took a large chunk out of their very busy and labor-intensive day to give our staff a grand tour of the herd, the milking facilities, and the creamery. We were introduced  to the newest members of the herd who arrived recently from the midwest and the calves (omg – could they be any cuter!) who were born just a few weeks and/or months copy

One immediately understands that Andrew absolutely loves what he does. He gave us an overview of the entire process, detailed information on raising the water buffalo, milking techniques and gelato-making 411 – needless to say we were captivated! Later we enjoyed a perfectly cooked buffalo burger with all the fixings and of course, some of that mouth-watering, delicious gelato. My personal favorite right now: Salted Caramel – yummmmm!

While the Di Bufula Dairy Gelato  is making its way into restaurants in Marin County, one of the best spots to enjoy it is, of course, bay side at Nick’s Cove.

Gelato is not all Andrew has up his sleeve … he will soon be turning his passion for cheese-making towards another fan-favorite: the elusive Mozzarella! I cannot wait to taste that (and serve it at the restaurant)!

What a treat for all of us at Nick’s Cove to get a first-hand, up-close tour with Andrew, his team and those beautiful animals!

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Di Bufula Dairy!



Update – since our trip, I took my son to feed the calves and Andrew informed me that one of the water buffalos who had arrived from the midwest was named after me: DENA-V17 … how cool is that?

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Mixed Greens

Many of you have heard that we hired a farmer and have begun the (huge) task of giving our once-forgotten garden on the hill a beautiful face-lift, complete with a new name: Frog Creek Farms.

With many hours of hard, physical work, the team has tilled, amended, weeded, planted and tended to several areas that are growing thick, rich, deep-green kale, lettuces, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, arugula, spinach (just to name a few). We have also begun planting flowers, lavender and ferns. We will be planting radishes and broccoli and cauliflower … all amazingly nutrient-rich food to serve YOU in our dining room! Needless to say, there’s a lot of good things growing out here in West Marin!

My favorite way to eat our lettuces is with tomatoes and maybe a little arugula and spinach … AND with a small drizzle of our delicious Herbed Buttermilk Dressing on it! Below is the recipe so you can make the dressing at home to enjoy with your family!

Nick’s Cove Herbed Buttermilk Dressing

1 cup chopped parsley
1/4 green onion, minced
2 tblsp. tarragon
2 tblsp. mayonnaise
2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup olive oil
salt & pepper, to taste

Combine herbs, mayonnaise and buttermilk in blender; blend until smooth. Slowly add in olive oil while blender is on and season to taste with salt and pepper.



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BMW Road Trip

I am always interested in how people find us; what magazine article they read, what social media they saw, what advertisement they saw; was it their friend’s word-of-mouth, or the ultimate: return guests! Today I was in the lodging office talking with a lovely man as he was turning in his keys and settling up his charges. He was very generous with his compliments and his accolades of fine food, excellent customer service, lovely cottages … So, I asked him, “How did you hear about us?” .

And, well, his response was new for me: he belongs to a BMW owners’ club and had read an article in their club member magazine, “Roundel”.  A while back a large group of BMW owners were on a road trip from LA to the Napa Valley with a stop for lunch at Nick’ s Cove and the magazine covered their trip. He enjoyed the article so much he booked a cottage and created his own road trip directly to us! So, BMW, thank you for sending us such lovely guests … with such beautiful cars!


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Social Media Mania

Nick’s Cove is no different than the rest of the millions of businesses out there that have jumped into the ever-changing, super-fast, can’t-keep-up world of Social Media.  twittergoogle

So, for all you social media junkies, who happen to also like what we’re doing at Nick’s Cove, you will be happy to know you can catch all kinds of fun stuff from the little town of Marshall in picturesque West Marin, overlooking the stunning Tomales Bay, near the Point Reyes National Seashore (breathe!) by following us on Facebook (nickscove), Twitter (@nickscove), Instagram (nickscove), and Pinterest (nickscove); you can also see what imagery piques the interests of our GM (denagrunt) and Chef (mraustin_perkins) on their Instagram acconts.

Folks, it’s about to get fun …    facebookinstagram


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