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Homage to The Red Legged Frog

The California Red Legged Frog is protected in British Columbia, Oregon and California. Rana_aurora_6230 According to Wikipedia, they are considered a “real frog” who require “still waters” for breeding.

This species of frog lives in and around the creek that runs through our property at Nick’s Cove. Several years ago extensive riparian restoration efforts were made to ensure a safe haven for this native four-legged friend.

Recently, we decided to make our very own house-made, signature Hot Sauce. In a meeting to discuss label design, Executive Chef Austin Perkins jokingly said, “Let’s put a frog with flames coming off his legs…” Only I knew he was not entirely joking.

So, I sent the idea to our graphic designer and what came back was spot-on! 034Freshly made with fresno chilis, and signature Nick’s Cove spices, our House-Made Hot Sauce is a playful homage to the Red Legged Frog!



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