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Worth The Drive …

Nick’s Cove is an amazing place: to dine, to stay, to “check-out”, to connect (with each other, to nature), to watch a sunset, to build memories. We truly pride ourselves on providing a spectacular overall guest experience. And while we are a bit of a drive, I believe we are worth the time it takes you to get here. I am certain of this because hundreds of our guests over the past year have told us so…

016Each time a server or bartender presents the guest with their check, the guest also receive a “Guest Comment Card”. I read each and every one of the cards that come back; it’s my daily ritual with my cup of coffee and I am addicted to it!

The cards with information about a referral are set aside and I send a hand-written (long-lost but much-loved thing of the past) thank you note to the person or property or winery who referred their guests to us. Some cards have information about a light that is out in one of the cottages; I send that information to maintenance. Some have information for us to improve things such as how they were greeted at the hostess stand; how their food took a little bit longer than they had liked. I discuss this with our management team every Thursday at our team meeting and, if the guest provided me with their contact information, I send a note of apology to them and thank them for taking the time to provide me with their feedback.

Overwhelmingly, though, what I read are all the cards praising us – telling us how much they love Nick’s Cove: the food, the cocktails and wine, the cottages, the amenities, the Boat Shack, the attention to detail, the professionalism of our staff, the knowledge of our staff; they tell me how they cannot wait to come back or how they wish they could have stayed longer; they tell me great details about their time with us; they tell me all the things I know: that we are worth the drive!

Ultimately, it is their story to me, about their individual experience that matters! Sure, we don’t always please everyone, and certainly we make mistakes. But all those cards stacked up on my desk get me past those not-so-great reviews/comments. It is the Guest Comment Cards that make all of us strive to do better today than we did yesterday.

So, to all of you who have been here and taken the time to write – THANK YOU!


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