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Frog Creek Farms … the new Nick’s Cove Garden

001For the past 2 years, the garden at Nick’s Cove has been dormant … just waiting, patiently for someone to come along and breathe new life into the rich, luscious coastal soil. In my very first blog post, I wrote of my intention to bring our garden back to life. 003

Well, I am happy to report that the garden at Nick’s Cove, recently named “Frog Creek Farms” is truly on its way!

In February, I hired Ross Barlow – a fantastic gardener/farmer! And, in only three months’ time he has transformed our garden.

Just last week, we harvested the very first lettuces from our garden and served them in our restaurant.

002Needless to say, Chef Austin Perkins and I are overjoyed at the site of those beautiful leaves fanned out on our dining room plates!

While there is still lots of work to be done, we are all excited about the journey and cannot wait to share with all of you the bounty from our Frog Creek Farms!



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