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Tomales Tonic

047One thing I know for sure about our Restaurant Manager, Dean Castelli … he likes a good challenge! Recently, Dean was tasting wine at Taft Street Winery during one of our off-site staff wine trainings when the owner gave him a glass of the winery’s homemade tonic. 049

It did not take Dean long to get online, do his appropriate research, don his “chemist cloak” and voila: our very own Nick’s Cove Tonic was born!

I can always tell when Dean has been up to something good: when he sees me for the first time, he rubs his hands together, smiles slyly and says, “So …”  052This day he gave me a taste of the tonic water. Honestly, I have never tasted anything so refreshing and delicious!

So, we did what all good restaurateurs do: we mixed cocktails! We made vodka tonics and gin & tonics and compared them side-by-side with regular tonic. Hands down the Nick’s Cove Tonic was a favorite with staff, our chef and most certainly with me!

Inspired by the classics, Dean breathes new life into old-style cocktails; his creativity is your reward!

Next time you are in ask for the Tomales Tonic which features Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin (made locally in Sonoma) and our very own Nick’s Cove Tonic!

Not a gin fan? No worries, simply ask for the Nick’s Cove Tonic in any of your regular cocktails … you will be glad you did!




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