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Perfect Commute!

Many of our guests look to the North and to the South on Highway 1, cock their head to the side and ask, “Do you live near here … do you have a long commute?”

While a few live just down the road in Marshall or up the road in Tomales, many of the Nick’s Cove Crew live in Petaluma, or Cotati/Rohnert Park, Sebastopol all of which are slightly less than a half-hour’s drive.  While we are not in walking distance to work, we all agree that our commute is as bucolic as they come: rich, green farmland, grazing cows and no stop-n-go whatsoever!  photo

There are the occasional slow-downs: cows in the road, or goats or wild turkeys crossing the road; however, the tractor heading to work however is, by far, my favorite! tractor_nicks_cove

While Nick’s Cove is closer than you think, the feeling of being so far away that immediately takes over upon arrival is what our guests crave … and we like it that way!



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