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From Flower to Flute

about_bottles[1]On a recent visit to Heidrun Meadery I learned about a very old, yet newly re-emerging method of creating a tasty sparkling beverage.  Heidrun Meadery, located in Point Reyes Station, is producing several varietals of naturally sparkling meads using the traditional Methode Champenoise.

We arrived at the Meadery after a meandering drive through West Marin along Highway 1 on a gorgeous summer day. The first thing I noticed when entering the property were the vibrant colors of the flowers.  After the blue and gray of the ocean and the gold and brown of the fields, the bright reds and brilliant greens were captivating; I can see why a bee would want to make her hive there!

Truly fascinating to watch, we saw the true stars of the show busily buzzing just beyond the greenhouse/tasting room. Currently, Heidrun Mead is made from honey sourced from a wide range of apiaries but ultimately it is their goal to make Estate Mead using the honey produced from their own bees foraging on their property.  As the tour continued inside the historic barn we were shown a full line of large-scale champagne production equipment, where the honey is fermented, the yeast is added, and the mead is bottled, racked and riddled.

The process of taking the mead from flower to flute is the vision of owner, Gordon Hull, who started Hiedrun Meadery in Arcata in 1997.  The move to Pt. Reyes Station in 2011 facilitated the switch to vertical integration, where the whole process will soon occur on the farm where he also resides with his wife and their children.

The Meadery is open for visitors Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am-4pm on a reservation basis.  If staying with us and looking for a nice day-trip, please contact our concierge at (415) 663-1033 to make a reservation or you can order a glass of Mead in our dining room!


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