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Shucking Good Time!

Maybe I should not announce this publicly, but here goes … I cannot shuck an oyster very well!

Trust me, I have tried: with gloves, no gloves, round handle, long handle, plastic handle, wooden handle, short shucker, longer shucker, on the table, in the hand … I am just not very good at it! So, I leave the shucking to the professionals here at Nick’s! And man can they shuck! Rigo and Ceasar are super-fast … even Chef Austin is efficient (even though he is allergic to the tasty bi-valves)!

Recently, our Private Dining Manager, Kathryn, had a group of executives come to Nick’s Cove for some “team building” and she put together a shucking instructional! What came out of that day was not only the newest addition to our hands-on fun at Nick’s Cove, but a whole lot of laughter from the team and a shucking good time. oyster_shucking_lesson_raw_bar_waterfront_nicks_cove

If you would like to schedule a private shucking lesson for your team, email our events staff at and we would be happy to arrange for your very own waterfront, shucking instructional, complete with oysters, cocktails, champagne or wine & beer for you to enjoy with your team!



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