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Social Media Mania

Nick’s Cove is no different than the rest of the millions of businesses out there that have jumped into the ever-changing, super-fast, can’t-keep-up world of Social Media.  twittergoogle

So, for all you social media junkies, who happen to also like what we’re doing at Nick’s Cove, you will be happy to know you can catch all kinds of fun stuff from the little town of Marshall in picturesque West Marin, overlooking the stunning Tomales Bay, near the Point Reyes National Seashore (breathe!) by following us on Facebook (nickscove), Twitter (@nickscove), Instagram (nickscove), and Pinterest (nickscove); you can also see what imagery piques the interests of our GM (denagrunt) and Chef (mraustin_perkins) on their Instagram acconts.

Folks, it’s about to get fun …    facebookinstagram


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