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BMW Road Trip

I am always interested in how people find us; what magazine article they read, what social media they saw, what advertisement they saw; was it their friend’s word-of-mouth, or the ultimate: return guests! Today I was in the lodging office talking with a lovely man as he was turning in his keys and settling up his charges. He was very generous with his compliments and his accolades of fine food, excellent customer service, lovely cottages … So, I asked him, “How did you hear about us?” .

And, well, his response was new for me: he belongs to a BMW owners’ club and had read an article in their club member magazine, “Roundel”.  A while back a large group of BMW owners were on a road trip from LA to the Napa Valley with a stop for lunch at Nick’ s Cove and the magazine covered their trip. He enjoyed the article so much he booked a cottage and created his own road trip directly to us! So, BMW, thank you for sending us such lovely guests … with such beautiful cars!


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