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Red-Legged Frog

Did you know that the California red-legged frog was declared the state amphibian this year?  The California red-legged frog is an IUCN vulnerable species and this decision highlights the importance that California places on the frog’s preservation.  This frog has …

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A shrub is a fruit-flavored vinegar that can be enjoyed in cocktails and adds a refreshing, tart dimension with every sip. It can also be enjoyed by stirring some into soda water for a sweet and sour thirst quencher.  Americans first used shrubs in …

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About six months ago I noticed that our favorite Nick’s Cove icon was looking a little tattered and weathered. I mean, it HAD been keeping a watchful eye on our guests for about the past 10 years and was most …

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Autumn in The Croft

We are lucky enough to have an on-site farm at Nick’s Cove called The Croft. Again, luckily, one of the things that seems to grow year round in West Marin are green, leafy vegetables such as kale and chard.  The …

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This 287 square foot cottage is the most “cozy” of all our guest cottages. And, don’t be fooled by its size! This cottage still boasts all the luxuries as our other, larger cottages: claw foot tub, heated marble bathroom floors …

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Wintering Golden Crowned Sparrow

Following a week of 90 degree temperatures we received the gift of a cool afternoon rain yesterday. A sound that winter is near begins with the whistle of my favorite bird the Golden Crowned Sparrow. They begin their migration mid-September …

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Tomales Bay Adventures – Part 1

Did you know that on the darkest nights, May-November, magic happens on Tomales Bay? September is a particularly good time to witness the blooms of dinoflagellates that light up when disturbed. These bioluminescent plankton emit short bursts of blueish light …

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Gin & Tonic!

British officers in India during the nineteenth century drank tonic water made with quinine to fend off malaria. Adding Britain’s favorite spirit to the water made the bitter tasting tonic easier to drink, it took the edge off and gave them …

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Breakfast in Bed!

Each morning our cottage guests enjoy a beautiful, complimentary breakfast that our staff delivers to their cottage along with that day’s SF Chronicle. The continental breakfast consists of freshly sliced seasonal fruit and berries, coffee and/or tea, juices and my …

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Bandit’s Bungalow: Cottage History-Part 2

Continuing with my series on the history of the cottages at Nick’s Cove, this week I will tell you about Bandit’s Bungalow. Bandit’s Bungalow is one of the original cottages on the waterfront and was remodeled in the early 2000’s …

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