nicks cove
fogbank water reflections sunset and clouds behind dock

Our Philosophy

At Nick’s Cove, we believe in providing our guests with the most comfortable and luxurious stay possible. Often that means we have to work a little harder than the rest. Even though we’re just over an hour’s drive from San Francisco, we’re far from many of the conveniences that many of us take for granted. There’s no cell phone coverage, and storms will often close a delivery road. We have strict water quotas, and the telephone lines take a little longer to get repaired.

Some might consider those inconveniences, but we see it a little differently. Maybe that’s because we enjoy the smell of cedar and eucalyptus in the air every morning, and watch the sun set over Point Reyes every evening. We’ve discovered that sometimes it’s the simpler comforts that make your stay truly memorable – a delicious meal made from fresh seafood and local farm produce, a warm fire and local vintage in a beautiful dining room, a plush bed with crisp linens and an elegant bathroom, and friendly, attentive service.

Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to deliver that kind of experience, but that’s precisely the point. Our staff is truly dedicated to providing timeless luxuries in a setting of rustic elegance, and our guests notice the difference. That’s how we’ve always done it, and we plan to keep it that way.

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